Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most asked questions. If your question is not answered here feel free to use the "Contact" link above to ask another question.


How will I get my Real Estate photos and video?

We want our users experience to be as simple and quick as possible. Once you have purchased your Real estate package(s) you will be send a confirmation of your purchase to the email address you listed during checkout. AND YOUR DONE There's nothing else for you to do. We will schedule the property and send our award winning photographer to capture your images and video. As soon as the package is complete we will send you a download link for your package to the email address used during checkout when ordering your package.


How do I get 10 percent off with multiple packages?

This is exactly like purchasing a single package and is just as easy. After selecting your first package and adding it to your shopping cart you can select another package. Do this three times. Then during checkout fill in the Promo Code box with the code [10percentoff].


What if I don't need Real Estate packages?

Real Estate is a small part of NorthWest Aerial Images. If you need aerial photography or video for commercial purposes such as film and video production, structure inspections, construction, crop or terrain inspections/viewing we have a quote request page. These project don't have pre-priced packages because they are all very different styles of photography and usually require much more time and preparation. Each project will be priced according to the amount of time and images/video required and whether you will edit the images and video yourself or require us to do this will affect the quote.