Avitamarc and NorthWest Aerial Imaging will collect little data from you. We do not collect and store data to sell like Google, Facebook and countless others do. We at Avitamarc Productions do not believe in collecting customer user information to sell to undesirables like oh so many companies do. Rest assured no information input into our company web site will ever leave our company...EVER!

Types of Information we Collect

The only information we will collect and hold is your email address and we will only do so when you've requested a quote or if you've purchased a Real Estate package. The only reason for this is so we can email back any quote requested or to send your Real Estate video and picture package download link directly to you.

Use of information

Our use of your email information will stay in-house and never leave. Used only for Quotes and links to finished products for your download or to send special promotional offers.